Thursday, March 27, 2008

Speed training = fun?

Who'da thunk I'd ever be saying that? Not me, that's for sure! When I was probably ten years old, my parents started forcing my sister, Mo, and me to go to track camp during the summer. I guess they thought we were slow or something, and were under the impression it would make us better soccer players (seriously, kids athletics these days--kind of scary, no?). When other kids were sleeping in and going to the pool, we were forced to attend hell--er uh--track camp. We absolutely dreaded it. I'm pretty sure there were times when we'd throw fits about not wanting to go. I'm also sure that we probably came up with approximately 6,734 different plans that we hoped would enable us to escape from said hell camp. Sadly, none of them worked. Thus, we were forced to go to camp day in and day out, and--gasp--work on our speed.

Well, my friends, yesterday I made my first attempt at speed training since my track camp days. And . . . I actually enjoyed it! I had 6 x 400 on the sched, and while I went into the workout assuming I'd H-A-T-E it, I didn't! Instead, I rocked it! I warmed up for a mile, then I did my repeats at an 8:00/mile pace (5K pace). Except, when I got to the last one, I decided to try running at a 7:30/mile pace to see if it would kill me. IT DID NOT! I kicked that last 400's B-U-T-T! I was seriously surprised to discover that it actually wasn't even that taxing. Granted, it was just a 400--I'm not sure I could hold that pace for 5K, but still--I'm pretty happy with my performance. I felt like a stud . . . especially because magazine-reading 2 mph girl was on the treadmill next to me. I made a point of dripping some sweat over onto her 'mill, to make up for the fact that she wasn't producing any.

As for the rest of the week . . . Monday, I took a much-needed rest day. All that was on the schedule was stretch & strength, and I decided to skip any type of strength training this week--in an effort to let my poor body rest a little bit. Tuesday was a 3-miler at a slower 10:00/mile pace (I was seriously sluggish). I'm supposed to be running a 3.5-miler today, but am instead going to the Rangers game tonight (YES!). At the game, I will get to consume two of my very favorite things--beer and hot dogs (how nutritious of me!). Thus, I'll be doing the 3.5-miler manana.

Well, that's all I've got for now . . . have a good one!


*jen* said...

Hey there, I just found your blog, very funny stuff. I love the "hell camp" part of this entry. Congrats on your kick ass speed session and Hooray for beer!

tmac96 said...

Hi there! I just happened to find your blog too! LOVE IT -- too funny! What's funny too is that I was just writing yesterday about my recent torture, I MEAN speedwork session. I hope mine get to be as good as yours! (I had to do 800s and they kicked MY butt! ...this time!)

*jen* said...

Hmm. I'm sure the NYC would be a good first marathon...I definitely need something that will provide me with as many distractions as possible and I'm sure NY could deliver. AND, I've never been to NYC (have been dying to go for forever), so that would make for a nice little trip. I'm just worried about the $$. I am thinking about doing the Marine Corps Marathon because I have family in DC and they will be doing the 'thon. I'll definitely think about it though. Thanks for checking my blog out!

The Laminator said...

Even though I never endured hell camp, I have a love/hate relationship with speedwork too. Sometimes it beats me up. Other times I feel I'm Kenyan, and would run an extra set just to prove my time. It comes with the territory I guess.

Glad you rocked your workout. Enjoy the Rangers game and the beer and hot dogs.