Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Get in Shape Girl, it's so appealing, Get in Shape Girl, you know the feeling!

And because Mallory requested it--

RANDOM THOUGHT OF THE DAY: I was just thinking about how like 92% of the kids I see on a daily basis are totally fat, and was feeling like maybe it's about time to bring back "Get In Shape Girl" (FYI, "Get In Shape Girl" was Irish Cream's very favorite Christmas present of all time--well, besides her Garmin, that is). Then I ran a quick google search and discovered . . . it IS back (see above)! Apparently they have a variety of different activity kits (what, like there's more than one way to get in shape?)--fitness, yoga (how tragically un-80s!), gymnastics--and also various smaller sets that focus specifically around stretching, weights and jumping rope. I might have to pick up a couple of these sets to use on CROSS TRAINING DAYS!! Oh, and guess what little Iris will be getting for her 3rd birthday, Mal? You know it!