Sunday, March 23, 2008

LA/Marathon Photos

Our hotel from the outside. Looks nice, right? Nice enough to pay $42 a day for parking? Um, definitely not. Luckily, my room had mold growing in it, so I made up a story about how I have a serious mold allergy and the moldy room had destroyed my marathon dreams . . . I think I deserve an Oscar for my poignant performance! While this is unlikely to happen, I did get my $210 worth of parking back. It was a small victory.

View from the hotel room. I was shocked to learn that there are actually MOUNTAINS behind all that smog! I thought people were just making that up!

Brent, Jonny and I: "Before." As you'll soon learn, there is no "After" shot. This probably has something to do with the fact that I took approximately six decades longer than planned to finish the stupid marathon.

We never figured out whether these people actually ran . . . if so, I'm really impressed with their abilities to run 26.2 in dockers (the cigs were fake; don't be fooled).

Elvis. And Elvis. That's definitely a Miller Lite in his hand.

On course entertainment. Also known as the cutest. kids. ever.

I was right behind them, I swear. Okay, I'm lying again. In fact, I was so far behind them, that Wilson's camera battery probably died before I got to him, thus explaining the lack of Wilson-cam photos of Irish Cream in action.

These folks are so fast, it's actually impossible to get an in-focus photo of them. I only hope that someday, after years and years of training, I will be able to sprint as fast as they can jog backwards.

My favorite two year-old on the planet--my niece, Iris. And yes, I do believe Mr. Sharky is making a phone call. He's probably trying to get in contact with his poor, unfotunate pal who is trapped inside the snow globe.

I agree that this is one of the creepiest toddler photos of all time (seriously, what sicko thought this ride would be a good idea?!). But Iris seems to be having a good time . . . so I guess that's all that matters?

View from the Santa Monica Pier.

More views from Santa Monica Pier.


The Laminator said...

Cool pictures, Irish. I'm sure you would've been nipping at the feet of those Kenyans if they had to run backwards...