Wednesday, March 26, 2008

LA Marathon: The "After" photos, AKA "What the heck am I staring at?"

Being stuck in this jam of people at the finish really made me want to use physical violence and scream a lot. Luckily, I was too damn tired.

Ah, yes. Finally a nice patch of grass to rest my bum on--and to think, I only had to run 26.2 miles, fight my way thru a crowd of several million people, and then climb a massive hill to get there.

Papa Irish: "Are you okay, Irish?"

Irish Cream: "Huh? Where am I?"

Papa Irish: "Let's try to smile for the camera. Okay, Irish?"

Irish Cream: "Okay, yeah."

Papa Irish: "Um, that's almost good. But you're actually looking in the wrong direction."

Papa Irish: "Let's try this again."

Irish Cream (hanging her head in shame): "I give up. This is just way too confusing. I need a cheeseburger."


The Laminator said...

So what is it that you were staring at? Did you ever figure it out?

Irish Cream said...

I haven't the slightest clue . . . knowing me, I'm figuring I was probably just staring off into space, thinking about beer and cheeseburgers.