Saturday, April 26, 2008

Happy PR to ME!!

Oh my gosh, you guys. I totally set a PR today! I know! How awesome is that? Oh, but it wasn't THAT kind of PR . . . rather, it was a Guitar Hero PR. Check it out:

You're confused, no? Well, let me explain. It all started back about a month ago . . . Wilson brought home Guitar Hero III for me for my birthday. Now please stop thinking I actually asked for Guitar Hero for my birthday . . . because that's not quite how it went down. Rather, our conversation went something like this:

Irish: It's too bad we didn't make it to your dad's this weekend . . . I kind of want to play guitar hero.

Wilson: What? Did you just say you want to play guitar hero?

Irish: Um, no . . . I said I KIND OF want to play.

Wilson: We should get guitar hero!

Irish: Sure, okay . . . why not.

Wilson: I can get it for you for your birthday!!

Irish (trying to think of a way to stop Wilson from getting her Guitar Hero for her birthday): Um, no. That's not at all a good idea. What if we break up? Then you'll take the Playstation and I'll just have Guitar Hero with no way to play it. See? Not. Good.

And somehow we got interrupted and the conversation ended there.

Well, imagine my shock when I came home from work the VERY NEXT DAY (this was over a week prior to my actual birthday, mind you), and there was a huge box with a bow on it. I opened it up and it was . . . you guessed it . . . Guitar Hero. Ha, as with most things in life, this incident provided me with a great lesson: Sometimes what men end up hearing is a little different from what women are actually saying!

At any rate, I figured we might as well break the guitar hero out, since it obviously was not going anywhere . . . so we started playing. Here are some photos of us rocking out to Guitar Hero:

Look at that focus!

"Um, how do you even hold this thing?"

Truth be told, I didn't quite know what the appropriate rockstar hand sign was . . . I had been holding up "hook 'em horns" for like 25 minutes before Wilson finally let me in on the secret that I wasn't quite as cool, nor as funny, as I thought I was . . . ah well. At least I got it right in the end!

Irish gets bored and her gangsta side starts emerging . . .

The novelty of Guitar Hero has apparently worn off and Irish is ready to take a nap.

Let's be honest . . . I wasn't quite as into the Guitar Hero as Wilson was. I mean, I couldn't even do that whole "star power" thing without completely screwing up and getting booed off stage. Yeah. There must be something anatomically incorrect about my arms and/or brain that prevents me from being able to tilt the little stupid plastic guitar up towards the imaginary crowd on the tv . . . so SUE ME! Anyway, but like everything in life, I still gave 110% day in and day out. And I came up with a goal for my sorry Guitar Hero playing self. My big dream goal was to get every single note correct on the Killer's song "When You Were Young" while on the MEDIUM level. It seemed like it might be a little out of my league, as I'm just not a natural, but I thought, "why not shoot for the stars, right?"

Well, I'd been trying for weeks, folks. I can't tell you how many times I made it to within a few notes of the end of the song, and just totally lost it. My arms would start to shake, my eyes would water and I would succumb to the overwhelming pressure of having to get EVERY single note right. I also can't tell you how many times Wilson threatened to take out a restraining order on me if I didn't "STOP PLAYING THAT DAMN SONG!" But that's another story. Well, today must have been my day, y'all . . . because I NAILED it! What's up, 100%?Here are some post-celebratory photos:

Rockin' out. My future's so bright I got to wear shaaaaaades (and apparently Ugg boots)

Look what I did! (And guess what my band's name is? Yep, Irish Cream . . . I'm a creative one!)

I know what you're thinking, "Irish . . . you've taken this whole 'Guitar Hero Celebration' thing a little far." To that I say, "Who are you to knock my incredible achievements, mister/miss nay-sayer?"

I bet you think I ran today, judging by my outfit and my crazy, messed up hair . . . nope! I'm actually just still in my PJs and haven't done my hair yet! (this photo may or may not have been taken at approximately 8:42 p.m.) (P.S. Why am I compelled to admit these things?)

How does Irish Cream celebrate her day of uber productivity? With the ringer, of course! Now that's what I call CLASS!

Tomorrow, I shall run. Until then? I'm celebrating in style . . . by going to bed at 11:30! I know, you all must be seriously impressed with my rockstar lifestyle . . .


The Laminator said...

Get down with your bad rocker self, Gangsta I.C. 'cause you got mad skillz. I'm jealous of your rocker lifestyle!

*jen* said...

Fun pics. I don't think I've ever made it through a full song on that damn thing. Rock on!

mouse said...

I'd tell you the pics were super cute, except you're wearing a goddamn notre dame shirt in half of them. :)
(sorry it took so long!)

I don't get the whole guitar hero thing, but I also pretty much avoid all video game interaction like the plague. weird, I know...