Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Birthday Report

Hi all! Happy Hump Day! I spent today home in bed, attempting to combat this monster plague that just won't leave my body. Ugh! Anyway, I figured I should use the extra free time to report on the ever-so-exciting events of my 26th birthday.

The day started off with quite a scare, when I abrubtly awoke to the sound of someone walking into my apartment. Knowing Wilson should have already left for work, I just about peed myself, I was so freaked. I decided that maybe if I just played dead, the person would go away . . . so that's exactly what I did (ha, this method totally works, right?). Luckily, it turned out that Wilson was just going into work late and had come back in from a quick run. Whew! The good news is this scare actually ended up waking me up out of a 45-minute snooze-fest (whoopsies!).

Wilson brought me some presents in bed . . . a new POWER CORD for my green dell (okay, just fyi--it had been 4 months since my old power cord had died, thus rendering my pretty green dell useless; I know, it's kind of ridiculous)! Blogging will be so much more fun now that I have my lappy back! YAY! I also got a card from my mama. She made sure to cross out all of the "I's" and replace them with "We's" so that my father would be included in the sentiment of the card. Ha. I also was surprised to receive a very nice gratitude journal thingy from Wilson's mama. She included a note saying how proud she was of me of for finishing the marathon--it was very sweet :) Needless to say, the day was off to a great start.

I got myself up, showered up and left for work (half an hour late, but hey--it was my b-day!). I got to work to discover a mysterious card sitting on my keyboard. My next door office neighbor had gotten me a gift certificate for a manicure! I was shocked and very excited . . . I haven't gotten a manicure since high school, when the mother of one of my good friends would do my nails in exchange for my car-pooling services! Next, I got a phone call saying I needed to go down to our building's messenger center to sign for some flowers. After bitching the delivery guy out and yelling at him for not calling our mailroom to sign for them (I regret this--I was kind of bitchy; I blame the monster plague), I went down to the basement and picked them up. I brought them back up to my office to discover . . . TULIPS! I LOOOVE tulips! There were two dozen of them in various colors, surrounded by various wild flowers. They were BEAUTIFUL (I'll have to take a picture when I go back to work). My father had sent them . . . and they really reminded me of the tulips we had out in front of my house, growing up (except ours had probably been run over by the lawnmower a few more times than the flowers I received--yep, may or may not have been partially responsible for that one).

Then, I was in for another surprise when my co-worker further surprised me by insisting on buying me lunch (although, in all fairness, I did have to listen to her freaking out about the slutty girls on her loser boyfriend's myspace friends list)! Work was slow for most of the day, which was a good thing . . . because I was NOT feeling so hot. Death plague was slowly taking over my body. I left work at 5:45 p.m. (I swear, I cannot tell you the last time I left the office and it was still light outside). Knowing I was in no condition to do anything physical, I went straight home and firmly planted my ass on the couch. I watched Oprah, and then Biggest Loser (LOVE this show), and then FINALLY, Wilson got home from work with . . . MORE PRESENTS! I was very surprised by this because he'd gotten us Guitar Hero a week earlier (more on that later in the week--including action photos. Get excited, folks!), and I just kind of assumed that Guitar Hero and my lappy power cord were it. NOPE!

First there was an Interior Design book, that I got very excited about because it was all about COLOR! I loooooove color, people. LOVE IT. Anyway, this is the book he got me.

Then, he got me one of these, which is GREAT, because I am WAY too embarassed to do this shit at the gym (I have fallen off of these more than once . . . so yeah!) Mine is white, and it came with an "instructional DVD." WOOHOO!

Next, he got me one of these suckers, which I have been secretly coveting since they came out (I had no idea they even made them for ipod nanos--but yay!). It was "perfect timing," considering our alarm clock had died a couple months ago and we'd been relying on cell phone/blackberry alarms since that time (do we see a trend here?):

Finally, he got me this . . . a delicious red velvet cupcake from Dean & Deluca. DELICIOUS. We split it because it was huuuuge:

So there you have it. It was a very nice birthday . . . although I should admit that I, like Jen, am a little weirded out by my age being closer to 30 than to 20. Yeah, we're gettin' old, aren't we? Pretty soon, we're going to be hobbling around with canes! Luckily, I haven't had much time to think about it, since I've had to focus so hard on breathing and trying to not cough up various vital organs. So yeah! How's that for the glass is half full?

Okay, back to being a couch/tv bum for this sick girl. Stay healthy, kids!


The Laminator said...

Sounds like a great birthday given you had the death plaque. Enjoy the rest of your special day (although by the time you read this, it'd be over already, but in that case, enjoy your special just as well!)

*jen* said...

It sounds like you had a fantastic day! I started laughing when I read the first part of your entry about hearing someone coming in and playing dead in hopes they'll just go away...that's my method of choice too. I completely freeze when I'm freaked out like that. Good stuff. Glad you had a great day. I hope you're back to 100% soon.