Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Okay, runners. I have a bit of news for you. But first, I must recount a strange thing that happened last night at the Rangers game (which we WON in OT! I heart Chris Drury! Yesssss!). So anyway, Wilson and I walked into MSG and I immediately picked up the very strong scent of . . . hot dogs. Now usually, this would make me very happy. Like to the point of turning cartwheels. BUT, it didn’t last night. Instead, it made me feel a little bit ill. I am sorry to report that Irish Cream was unable to choke down even one, single hot dog. How depressing is that? Apparently eating hot dogs twice in 5 days takes some training . . . and I’m just not there yet.

So THEN, in an attempt to fill my belly with something other than hot dogs, I decided on the Ranch 1 chicken strips . . . BIG MISTAKE. Have I mentioned that girlfriend don’t do fried foods? About once every three months or so, I somehow convince myself that I REALLY want chicken strips, despite the fact that I know my stomach will totally reject them (and the moment I take a bite, I’ll think they’re disgusting). Well last night was said chicken strip night . . . luckily, the damage was minimal, as I was only able to force 1.75 of the strips down before my stomach started threatening to send the strips back up. Ew, I feel sick just thinking about it. Note to self: In about three months, you’re going to again try to convince yourself that you want chicken strips. YOU DON’T. PERIOD.

Okay, so on to the important stuff: My “news.” Okay, y’all. So, as you know I’ve been having some long run issues as of late. Or, if I’m honest, I’ve been having some general running grievances. Specifically, I just feel like I’m not improving the way I should be . . . and damn it, I’m getting really tired (literally and figuratively) of trying so hard to make said improvements. Well, I’m a little bit sad to announce that the running days of Irish Cream are through . . . At least for now. I just really need a break. My body is tired. My head is tired. My dreams are sick of being dominated by marathon-themed stories. My lungs hurt. Yeah. So there you have it. I’m sorry to disappoint all three of my loyal readers out there in blog-land--I’ll keep posting, I promise--it just might not be so much about running as it used to. What can I say? I am just . . . weak . . .