Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Well, a whole day has passed, and I'm sure you guys must be DYING for an update regarding my ill-timed bug (ha). Well, the update at this point is that I am cautiously optimistic about running on Saturday (notice I used the word "running" instead of "racing"). My cold/flu* illness thingy has moved mostly to my chest . . . and I swear it's because the yuckiness is finally on its way out of my body. Right? Right?! I sure hope so anyway.

The good news is that the only other half-marathon I've ever run was completed after very little training and while suffering from a bad sinus infection. I walked a lot of it and finished in 2:19:xx. Thus, even if I take it ridiculously easy on Saturday, I should be able to come up with a PR. And hey, it'll just leave me some room for improvement (and thus, another PR) when I run the Brooklyn Half Marathon on May 30. So, you see . . . everything is working itself out (assuming this crap does, in fact, get out of my chest by Saturday--fingers crossed!).

In other news, I am an idiot and gave myself a bit of a concussion yesterday. I'm sure you all must be shocked to hear that (or not). Here's the story: In one of my most graceful moments yet, I flung myself onto the bed yesterday . . . only I misjudged where I would land (I blame my brain-crushing sinus congestion). I ended up smashing the back of my head into the window sill, which is situated just behind the bed (yay, tiny NYC bedrooms that you can barely fit a full bed into!). I blacked out for a split second, and then came to in LOTS of pain. I was convinced I had to be gushing blood from the back of my head. But in some sort of Tuesday miracle, I touched the spot of impact and there was no blood (See, Mom! I told you being hard-headed has its advantages!). I immediately ran to the kitchen and grabbed an ice pack to put on my head (depending on who you ask, I may or may not have failed to get the freezer door shut all the way, leading to the spoiling of large amounts of food--but whatever, I'm sticking to my story that the cat is responsible!).

So yeah. I was kind of woozy all day yesterday with a crazy ass headache and was all kinds of nauseous. I know you're supposed to go to the doctor at times like those, but I really did keep a close watch on myself to make sure I didn't fall over dead or anything. Today, I still have a headache, but the rest of my symptoms have faded . . . so I'm officially convinced I'm okay.

In fact, I'm so okay, I even made it to the gym at lunch to get a little bit of cycling in. I didn't really push it at all (my pissy lungs wouldn't allow it), but it felt great just to move a little bit. I followed 25 minutes of cycling up with 15 minutes of core work. I finally feel almost kinda-sorta like an athlete again.

The plan for the rest of the week is to rest, rest, rest . . . and hopefully I'll magically feel 100% better by Saturday and the two week taper will allow my rested legs to fly through the course, earning me a 1st place finish! Whoa, that's not what I meant. Perhaps I hit my head harder than I thought! What I meant to say is that I will take it NICE and EASY in the race on Saturday, and enjoy every moment of it :)

Happy running!

*If I hear another joke about how "uh oh! Maybe you have swine flu," I swear, someone will lose his/her head!


aron said...

yikes feel better girl! both the cold and the head!

good luck sunday!! i hope you are out there running :)

Anonymous said...

oh man! hope your head feels better!!
I really should do more cross training/core work. It'd be a miracle if I put more than 5 minutes into "abs" in any given Week...... :) ha ehhh.

Anonymous said...

Hardheadedness is a good thing. Especially when it comes to close encounters with panes of glass.

It's good to read that you are feeling better. Take care on your run.

lindsay said...

you have some true talent my friend. ;) hope your head is feeling better and the gunk is continuing to work itself out. i definitely hope you are out running this weekend, whether or not you pr. a nasty cold/whatever and a concussion are pretty good excuses i think for not-pr-ing! feel better. wrap yourself in bubble wrap just to be safe.

The Laminator said...

Hey Irish...I'm glad you're healing, but not so glad that you had a concussion. That sounded kind of bad.
I hope to see you at the race though so rest up please. Oh...and at last check, race is on Sunday, not Saturday, so you have an EXTRA day...just FYI.

Fair Weather Runner said...

Oh WOW. It sounds like you are feeling better, but WOW. You are hard core! Hope you feel fabulous by Sunday and GOOD LUCK!! You will be aweseomeness on a stick fo' sho'!

Marathonman101108 said...

How have I been neglecting your blog lately?! Glad to see you're feeling better, and remember that the ringing sound you're hearing is not the telephone! Oh, and repeat after me: "My race is on Sunday," "My race is on Sunday..." (FYI, Sunday is the day after Saturday, in case you're still a little woozy!)

sRod said...

What a crazy couple of days for you. I'm under the spell of allergies and a surprise cold myself. HOpe everything clears up by Sunday