Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Back on the Speed Train

Wow. Y'all just never cease to amaze me with how supportive and kind you are. I never imagined I'd get the response I did with that last post. I more just wanted to put it out there since I'm sick of not admitting the fact that I am DYING to run Boston someday. But seriously . . . I love you guys. Your responses had me all teary-eyed and weepy! Somehow you just always know what to say. Thank you for the encouragement and the advice you give me on a daily basis. I appreciate it more than you could ever imagine!

On to training. I decided to tempt fate and try an interval workout last night. Although the schedule told me I should be running a 10-minute warm-up followed by 6 x 800m and a 10-minute cool-down, I didn't want to push things too hard. I figured it might just be a good idea to ease myself back into the speedier stuff, while keeping a close watch on the piriformis/leg issue. So, I scaled the work-out down a bit and tackled a 10-minute warm-up, followed by 4 x 800m and a 15-minute cool-down. The interval splits looked like this:

1. 800m at 7:36 pace
2. 800m at 7:42 pace
3. 800m at 7:42 pace
4. 800m at 7:36 pace

It felt good! My leg got a little bit sore towards the end of the last interval, but all in all, it felt really good. I'm thinking I might just be able to get myself back on track in terms of the speed/tempo runs. So hooray for that!

Tonight I am due for some cross-training--and speaking of cross-training (wink, wink)--I really wish I had the adorable, pocket-sized "Exercise Anywhere" cards by NURU that Aron is giving away on her blog! Check out the contest here! You've got until midnight (Cali time) on April 29th to enter. Fingers crossed that I win!

Happy running, everyone :)


Lisa said...

Great job on your intervals! Those are some good times for "easing back into it."

We will definitely get together when we BOTH qualify for Boston. It will be fun!

Running and living said...

V smart not to push it! Glad all went well! Ana-Maria

Spike said...

awesome splits. I tweak my training schedule all the time; marathoners have to be somewhat flexible or they risk injury and outright running exhaustion.

when you do your intervals, are they on a track, on a path, or on a treadmill?

Rachel said...

Awesome job on the intervals!!! I need to get some done soon!

aron said...

wooooo awesome job on those intervals!

EmLit said...

Great intervals! Every time I read your blog I feel inspired and motivated!!

lindsay said...

great job on the intervals! hopefully you can ease back in one speed day/week. combined with logging easy miles, it'll make that bq even more of a reality! :)

Nitmos said...

Nice consistent 800 splits! A great (re)start!

Melanie Tait said...

Intervals - well done! I'm always putting them off... not good.

Love your blog. I really loved your last post about Boston fever. You'll get there without a doubt with that sort of passion, I'm sure.

All the best.

sRod said...

Nice work on those intervals! You'll be Boston ready sooner than you think!

Anonymous said...

Very good workout! It is great that this is your ticket back into the running game.
You will totally rock the Boston marathon in the future and I look forward to reading your reports of the road towards it.

Marathonman101108 said...

I need to hitch a ride on your speed train!! Instead of going "chugga-chugga" I want to be going "Woo-Hoo!" Great job speed demon.