Friday, April 3, 2009

Almost Famous

You guys, I'm famous! And also, I'm lying. But hey, I did get interviewed over at the Runners Lounge for Open Mic Friday. I know you must be DYING to learn more about me (ha!), so if you haven't already, you can check the interview out here.

Update on training coming later on today. Get excited!


Heather said...

Wooo Woo! You are famous. Can't wait to read the article.

The Laminator said...

Hey Irish...saw your interview first thing this morning. Great job with all of the questions. Funny thing is that I knew most of them having followed your blog since the very beginning, but still, it was fun to hear things from your point of view.

I'm still picturing how you run with gum...isn't it hard to hydrate, fuel, etc with that in your thing in your mouth? Doesn't chewing gum also suck away the saliva and dehydrate you a bit?

Or maybe I'm just an amateur gum chewer...i don't know!

Anonymous said...

I just read your article, and LOVED it!!! You did a great job!
I also Just started a tumblr account and was SO excited to see thats where you do your "fashionista" stuff! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm off to fire up iTunes right now

Lisa said...

ooh... I can't wait to go read it. First a fancy New Balance trade show, now this! You are in a ZONE, girl!

Running and living said...

I saw the interview, too. Awesome! I think I mentioned here before that I, too, run with gum. To answer Lam's question, gum actually stimulates the salivary glands, so that my mouth does not become dry as it happens when running long in hot weather. See, we can actually teach Lam a thing or two:) Ana-Maria

Deka said...

great interview
and i love crap to crave! :)