Saturday, May 10, 2008

Stairway to . . . Hell

I had every intention of taking everyone's advice and running the Newport 10,000 this morning. I was positive I could PR, and was also antsy to try out my new racing flats . . . these pretty ladies:Wilson and I made it to bed by around 11 last night, with everything laid out and ready to go. Then the alarm went off at around 5:20 this morning. I looked at Wilson. Wilson looked at me. The look on his face said that getting to New Jersey by 8:30 was SO not happening. "Um, I'm kind of tired," I said. Wilson shrugged, "Let's go back to sleep then." He turned the alarm off and almost immediately fell back asleep. I wasn't sure what to do. Should I force him to get up? Was this going to be one of those situations where he'd later be pissed off that I didn't kick his sleepy ass out of bed? I finally decided I was too tired to deal with it, and just went back to sleep. After all, Wilson was the one who'd already registered online and paid the $20 fee (I, on the other hand, had not--yay commitophobia!) . . . if anyone should be motivated to get up it was him!

We went back to sleep for a few more hours, and then dragged ourselves out of bed a little before 8:30. It felt GREAT to sleep in--we were both in agreement on that one! We realized we were out of coffee (sadness), and decided we should venture out to the closest Dunkin Donuts, which is about a half-mile walk from our apartment (I couldn't help but think of Topher!). It was a beautiful morning out and my cinnamon coffee was SO worth the walk! I spent most of the day catching up on blogs and taking naps (mmm, naps!).

Come late afternoon, my legs were anxious to get outside and enjoy the gorgeous day! Oddly enough, though, they decided that simple running just wouldn't suffice. No, no. My legs? They wanted to run stairs. Yeah. So Wilson and I headed to the park, and my legs picked out these stairs to run up:

Fun times, right? I sprinted up them 12 times (and walked back down in between sprints). Here are some photos Wilson took of me in all of my stair-running glory:


I actually thought about doing additional sets, but figured I should probably try to save some of my legs for at least a semi-long run tomorrow. Wilson and I strolled around the park a bit, and then eventually headed home, where I attacked some basic pilates via LifeSkool. Not a bad day at all on the exercise front, despite the fact that we skipped our 10K this morning. I'm pretty sure sleeping in was the best thing for both of us, considering we've been pretty busy lately.

Oh, and in other news, I returned to the site of the hammy destruction that took place last June. My firm has a co-ed team that plays over in the Chelsea Piers league . . . and I FINALLY made it to one of the games last night (the league may or may not have started in early April--oops!). I was absolutely TERRIFIED of playing soccer again, for some reason. I guess that injury might have been a bit more traumatic than I thought. Luckily, my hamstrings survived, and I played relatively well for not having played competitively in almost a year . . . in fact, I was the only girl on our team to score (and I also had a couple assists). My team lost 8-9, but I think we played pretty well together, all things considered. We, of course, celebrated with a pint at the nearby brew pub. I'm already looking forward to the game next Friday, although let's hope I can stay awake through it, considering it's not until 11 p.m.! (Don't they know that's past my bed time?)

Up for tomorrow? Who knows! I guess you'll have to wait until tomorrow night to find out! Happy Weekend, everyone!


The Laminator said...

Hey Irish...where are you? I've don't mean to complain, but I've been missing my daily dose of the Irish for a week now, and truthfully, my running has been a little down because of it. Come back, come back...

Hope you're doing well girl!