Sunday, May 18, 2008

It's a sad, sick world

I am trapped at work. Seriously. It is after 1 a.m. on a Saturday night/Sunday morning and I cannot get any of the damn car services that my firm uses to come pick me up and take me home! Yeah. Have I mentioned that I've been here since around noon? I finished working almost an hour ago, but I'm obviously still here . . . just waiting. I feel like this is possibly some kind of cruel, sick joke . . . like maybe it's one of those candid camera situations where my firm is testing me to see how much I will put up with. And if I last long enough, I win a million dollars or something. But something tells me that's SO not the case. Something tells me this is just . . . my life.

I am half-tempted to lay down on the floor under my desk and go to sleep, George Costanza-style . . . oy. Pray that I get out of here soon, kids!


The Laminator said...

That is so horrible, Irish. Hope you got home safe and sound and is now getting some good sound sleep!

Meg said...

Wow, that's nuts! I hope you got home alright and got to sleep in!

Mo said...

One word: QUIT.