Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Who Doesn't Love a Good Deal?

Hey homies! Guess what I figured out today (please don't laugh at me if this is ancient news)? Did you know that can basically substitute for a Sam's Club and/or Costco membership WITHOUT THE MEMBERSHIP FEE (or the need for a car, in my case). Yes, I am just very excited about this. I am especially pumped about the fact that they have a "back to school" promotion going on between July 20 and September 6 where if you purchase eligible grocery items, you can save up to 40% off of them!! Awesome, right? But guess what's awesomer (not a word, I know)? There are lots of runner-y (also not a word) items that count as qualified items! For instance:

-FRS energy drinks
-about a zillion different kinds of balance bars
-about 2 zillion different kinds of power bars
-lots of healthy, organic products

And just for Spike, I had to point out that there are also about 16 zillion kinds of pop-tarts that count towards the promotion (breakfast of champions, right?)!

So here's the deal. Buy any 2 eligible products and save 20%; Buy any 3 eligible products and save 30%; Buy any 5 eligible products and save 40%. And did I mention that all of the eligible items ALSO qualify for free shipping?! They do! Anyways, you should totally take a look if you are in marathon training and/or have a large-ish family. They have lots of food you probably buy pretty regularly--cereals, pastas, snack foods, drinks, gums, etc.--and it's a decent way to save a little mula (so that you can run more races, obviously). Um, yeah . . . so just go here to shop, and then enter the code BCKSCLO9 at check-out!

Hahaha, can we just say that I am ridiculously excited about the potential of receiving 6 tubs of organic peanut butter and like 60 individual packs of my favorite smart start cereal (not very earth-friendly, but I might actually be on time to work if I ate my cereal in a convenient to-go container) in the mail in a few days. Although I should probably figure out a place to store it all . . . NYC apartments are SO not conducive to bulk grocery shopping . . .

Okay, now on to actual running stuff. I forced myself through a brutal speed work-out last night. I seriously wasn't feeling it, but I gutted my way through a 10 min. warm-up + 2 x 1200m + 4 x 800m + a 10 minute cool down. I completed the workout on the 'mill at the gym because it was humid as f*** out, and also was supposed to storm. I ran all of the intervals at a 7:53 pace (was going to speed up a bit for the 800s, but decided to take it easy on myself, considering I'm a bit out of practice with the speed stuff). All in all, it was a pretty difficult workout . . . kind of kicked my a$$ a little bit. I think I've just been logging so many easy miles since Seattle that I'm a bit rusty when it comes to picking up the pace. Still, I made it through the workout without too much trouble, so I'm pleased. I finally feel like I'm getting back on track with marathon training (whew)!

I'll be trying a recovery run at my ACTUAL prescribed recovery pace tonight (10:44 to 11:14, according to the McMillan calculator). Confession: I've never actually run anything close to recovery pace before. Even when I was logging "recovery" miles throughout the past few weeks, they were WAAAAY faster than that. I'm not sure if I can run that slow, but I'm sure going to try! Looks like I'll be on the dreadmill AGAIN because it is storming . . . AGAIN. Ugh.

Okay, back to work. Just had to share (especially considering it is eerily slow at work today--um, could this be the calm before the storm? Yikes!).


Anonymous said...

Great work on the speed-training. They appear to be necessary, though they are not the most fun trainings to do.

Thanks for the tip. I will check to see if they ship to NL addresses

Running and living said...

Thanks for the Amazon tip. I am so excited! Great job with the speed work. As far as recovery paces, only last week I calculated mine and I have to say, it's nice to have a day when you are actually struggling to run slow:) Ana-Maria

Paige said...

Hilarious! I had no idea about Amazon. I'm definitely going to check that out; thanks for the tip!

Marlene said...

Yay Amazon! Sweet deals!

Awesome job on the interval workout. Goood luck hitting those target recovery paces - sometimes I think it's harder to run slow than fast! DISCIPLINE!

lindsay said...

wow those are some excellent deals! good luck finding where to squeeze all that in your apt. :)

nice job on the speed workout! they are often booty-kickers but you sure rocked it. hope the storms clear up so you can get outside for a run instead of being stuck on the 'mill again.

Spike said...

I love Pop-Tarts! one can never have enough, plus they never go bad (unlike fruit and yogurt). the boxes full of pasta and peanut butter can serve as 'modern' furniture until you need to open them up!!!

Fair Weather Runner said...

ummm i sure do heart myself a good deal! thinks for posting those. and NICE work on the intervals. rockstar.

sRod said...

Thanks!!! Who couldn't use 100 packs of GU??