Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Who Rocks the Speed Intervals?

I rock the speed intervals.

No, there's nothing wrong with your eyes. You did, in fact, read that correctly. I (aka the girl who somehow forgot how to run last week) tackled my scheduled speed interval workout today, and I totally nailed it. Thanks for showing up, legs! Where've you been all this time? Alright, alright, I won't ask questions. Just PLEASE do not leave me again until after June 27. Thanks a bunch!

Work has been slow again today, and I decided I might as well take advantage of it and hit the gym at lunch, seeing as how I again failed to get up and squeeze my workout in before work (why are you so tempting sleep? WHY?!). My schedule called for a 10-20 minute warm-up + 1K, 2K, 1K, 1K (w/ 400m RI) + a 10 minute cool-down.

I was a little nervous during my 10 minute warm-up because I still felt a little tired and "off". But when the time came for my first 1K, I cranked the treadmill up to a 7:53/mile pace and was surprised to find that it felt great--better than my 9:40 warm-up pace, to be honest! I kept waiting to feel like crap, but my stride felt strong and I felt great throughout the entire workout! I almost wished I could do one more 2K interval--almost. But I knew I had to get back to work, so I just finished up my cool-down instead. My intervals looked like this:

1K: 7:53 pace
2K: 8:13 pace
1K: 7:53 pace
1K: 7:47 pace

I am SO happy to finally have my legs back. Maybe they just needed to run faster? Not what I would have figured, but whatever. I'll take it!

In other news, I've begun logging my meals on My Plate at I've tried this type of food logging before, but rarely stuck with it for more than a few days. I'm really hopeful this time, though, because My Plate saves your food history, so that you can quickly select items that you eat on a regular basis without having to search for them all over again. It is fabulous. I'm not really trying to shed pounds . . . more just trying to make sure I get the right balance nutrition-wise. But hey, if I happen to lose 5-10 pounds in the process, I'm certainly not going to complain!

Speaking of nutrition and weight loss, THE BIGGEST LOSER Finale is on tonight! WOOO! GO TARA! Kick their ARSES! WOOO! Why do I allow myself to get so caught up with t.v. shows? Eh . . . whatever, I only watch three television shows every week (TBL, Lost and The Office), so I guess it's not really a huge issue. Anyway, I'm super excited to see all of the returning contestants and what they've been able to do with their time at home!

Okay, that's all I have for now . . . Catch ya on the flip side! :)


Anonymous said...

I've used My Plate off and on in the past. It's definitely the best of the bunch as far as food tracking websites go. There's an iPhone app that syncs with it too. Handy if you need to be able to log your food on the go.

Anonymous said...

NICE workout!!! I love when I feel good as the pace increases, its an ego boost! haha. "waiting to feel like crap" - psh, not gonna happen!

Omgggg - so ridiculously excited for this episode tonight!

AND - hi, I'm a dietitian! If you have any specific questions pleeeease dont hesitate to email me! :)

Lisa said...

Woo hoo! Sometimes it is good to use a different type of muscle (fast twitch vs. slow twitch) to get you back on track. I have had the exact thing happen to me before.

How ironic... I just logged on to Daily Plate this morning to start tracking my food again and found out that it has joined up with

I am also looking forward to Biggest Loser. I am also a huge Tara fan! Unfortunately, my hubby doesn't love the show, so I have to wait to watch it until tomorrow.

aron said...

YAY so glad your legs are back! way to rock those intervals!

Running and living said...

Congrats of the intervals. Yay for the legs and for you. Ana-Maria

The Laminator said...

I'm glad you got your legs back. It seems like they just need a little speedwork to whip them back into shape. Congrats on rocking your intervals.

Melanie Tait (Mel Tries to Run) said...

You love speed intervals... man I hope I can say that one day! You rock!

Rachel said...

Yea, I've become a big fan of MyPlate lately. I used to hate the whole daily food log stuff but they make it kind of fun...especially when you enter the exercise and see the calories subtract. Yea...I'm a nut.

Anyways, woohoo for a great interval run!! Glad to see your legs came back!

Spike said...

awesome job on the speed work, and glad to see your legs and your body worked out their issues.

does MyPlate have Pop Tarts and the entire Taco Bell menu on there, because I eat that stuff all the time!

lindsay said...

nice job on the intervals! maybe you've been running too slow and that's why the legs are rebelling. release your inner rabbit! :)

EmLit said...

I just started using MyPlate, too, after I read about it on Rachel's blog. I really like it so far! It's easy to use and really gives you some perspective on what you're eating.

Way to go with those speed intervals! I guess you did just need to run faster!

Nitmos said...

Who rocks the rhetorical question? You rock the rhetorical question!

And you also rocked those intervals! Nice job.

mouse said...

it is so freaking weird how eating the same amount of calories, but different "stuff" (protein vs. carbs, slow digesting carbs vs. fast digesting carbs, etc.) can make you feel totally different.

Great job on the intervals! And how have I not had you added to my reader account yet?!

Anonymous said...

Great workout! It must be so great to be able to run during a lunch-break. Good to hear that you have re-found your stride.

I am very curious about the food-logging.

sRod said...

Impressive speedwork there IC!

Laura said...

I used to be absolutely obsessed with My Daily Plate... to the point where I actually think it's good I stopped logging. However, it's definitely the best of the calorie counting tools! Good luck with it.