Thursday, February 19, 2009

Speedy Gonzales

Okay, so I'm not done with the vacay/race report quite yet (why does returning from vacation inevitably lead to crazy-busy catch-up time at work?!), but I'm just feeling the need to share with y'all the amazing speed training session I had last night. I know what you're thinking . . . "Oh great! More super-boring training drivel from Irish!" Yup. Prepare yourselves to be bored stiff!

Now, I'm not gonna lie . . . I was a bit nervous when I glanced at my training schedule and saw the following interval work-out glaring back at me: 1-mile warm-up + 3 x 1600 m + 1-mile cool-down. The last time I tried that very workout, I barely made it through 2 of the 3 intervals. And? I was running them at a tortoise-like 8:05/mile pace. Well . . . this time around, as I'm trying REALLY hard to increase my speed, I ran the mile intervals at a blistering (not really, I know) 7:47/mile pace. I have to admit, I kind of expected the work-out to be a complete disaster.

That being said, can someone please explain to me why the intervals felt kind of . . . well, easy-ish? It's freaking me out! I'm chalking it up to a) the fact that I am finally nearly bronchitis free, b) the fact that I have gotten a few successful long runs in throughout the past several weeks and thus am more fit, and c) the fact that I am more motivated than ever coming off having just spectated at the Austin Marathon. Whatever the case, I sure hope my speediness carries over to my 5K race on Saturday!

Oh, speaking of which . . . I'm running my first 5K ever on Saturday! The race is being held within my old stomping grounds, Prospect Park, so I'm pretty excited to see how it goes. I did all of my marathon training there, so I know every inch of that park by heart. I'm hoping that will work to my advantage as far as race strategy is concerned. As for goals, I don't really have one time-wise. I'm using this more as a measuring stick than anything else. I'm just hoping that, come the end of the race, I will feel like I ran a good race and used up everything I had in me. Time will tell, my friends . . . time will tell.


The Laminator said...

Yay, Irish. Nice job! Give yourself some credit. Maybe you're just a better runner now, with more stamina. That happens you know once you get the endurance down, the speed comes well, a lot easier.

But 7:47 is crazy fast. That's better than BQ pace...if you can carry it for 26.2 miles, but okay, I know we're getting ahead of ourselves...

Good luck on your 5K. I have to bail because I'm doing the Cherry Tree 10 miler the next day. My 5K is next Sunday.

I'm thinking your speed session should give you a lot of confidence that you will have a good race. Awesome. Have fun!

EmLit said...

Good luck in the 5k this weekend! I was thinking of running it but I'll be out of town. Some other time, I guess :)

And congrats on the stellar pace for the speed work! Way to go!!

chris said...

I LOVE the 5K! I am excited for you. I guess you are guaranteed a PR, right?

Rachel said...

Great job!! I'm not formally on a training plan right now but I've been wanting to do intervals lately. Just haven't chalked up the nerve to do them. Awesome speed!!

We have a Prospect Park up here too. Craziness! Good luck on your 5k! I know you will do well!

The Alien said...

Good luck on the 5k this weekend!! I love running that distance!! Although I've never done a 5k race, I love doing 5k time trials.