Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I must have been on crack when I said I was going to attempt a long run "because it was such a beautiful day" on Sunday. Riiiiight. I mean, it LOOKED beautiful from the comfort of my couch . . . but 'twas not so. Wilson and I ran out to get lunch and, holy falafel, it windy and cold out! Thus, we opted to spend the rest of the day inside on the couch, where it truly was a beautiful day. I know, I know . . . but the cold makes my entire-left-arm-injury hurt so much more!! (haha, not sure what Wilson's excuse was!)

Well, watch out entire-left-arm. Wilson and I have decided to brave the cold tonight and head to our local track for a 3 x 1200 speed workout. It is ass-cold out (again), so luckily I've come up with some motivational tactics to get my hind end out the door . . . 1) I'm seeing my ortho on Thursday, so I'd better run all I can now just in case running is taken away from me (again); 2) For the first time this season, it's actually cold enough to wear my running tights (see how I spun a horrible thing into a good one using my love for clothing? Now THAT'S tricky!); and finally, the kicker . . . 3) I can have some EGGNOG if I run! I'm so good at drinking eggnog, I've already made it through 1 carton of it, despite the fact it's so early in the "holiday season". I better keep practicing . . . :)


Laura said...

Just read your last post, and I'm very glad to hear you're getting to a doctor on Thursday! Hope your arm is better soon.