Friday, October 24, 2008

Oops . . . I did it again!

That is . . . neglecting my blog! Sorry, folks. Crapz been crazy lately! Here's the short version--I promise to elaborate more later on (with pictures . . . oooooh yeah):

Worked like a dog; sprinted all over NYC in search of a new dress; went to Italy for a wedding/vacay; climbed up and down billions of steps without the slightest bit of knee pain; wore 4-inch heels for an entire night without knee pain (hot damn!); traveled for 24 hours straight to get back to NYC from Italy; returned to work 10 hours later; started an interior architecture/design class through Parsons; fell all the way down a flight of marble stair at work and busted my elbow/wrist/hand/fingers and bruised/skinned my entire body; was imediately thereafter attacked by the vultures that are my firm's HR department; spent far too long at the ER waiting for an x-ray after being given the wrong medication (um, oops!); returned to work the very next day (today) with my left arm in a sling. Okay, whew! We are officially caught up!

This weekend, the boyf and I are headed upstate to hit up some haunted hayride/house deal . . . and to do some serious hiking. THEN, I owe you all some comments and an explanation as to how on earth I managed to fall down a flight of marble stairs. Oh how I wish we had a video of this . . . because it was GRACEFUL. Let me tell you, being known as "the girl who fell down the stairs"? Sure beats my last work nickname! I kid, I kid!

Congrats to all of you who have rocked it in the race world recently . . . I'm slowly but surely getting caught up on your blogs. Oh, and best of luck to all those with marathons coming up as well! Ah, it's good to be back!


Laura said...

Welcome back! And hope you're okay after your fall.

chris said...

Oh my goodness, IC. Adventure, intrigue, the plot of a movie. Glad to have you back.

The Laminator said...

O my, and I thought there'd be a chance your next post update would have the words..."and I'm finally running again..." embedded in it!

Arm in a can you even type? Feel better Irish! Looking forward to the details.

Meg said...

Wow, that fall sounds scary. I'm glad you're okay!
A friend of mine was just at a wedding in Italy, it would be funny if it ended up being the same one!