Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I JUST GOT MY RUNNING SKIRT IN THE MAIL!! How tempted am I to change into it and wear it around the office for the rest of the day? It's a skirt--it counts as "business casual", right? HA. You better believe that if I don't convince myself of that at some point during the work day, I will be trying it on the second I get home tonight! Pics to follow . . .


Alissa said...

Oh yeah for running skirts! I'm excited to hear your review. I think you will like it.

I hear you on being worried about training for a marathon through the winter. I felt the same way when I was trying to decide if I should train through the summer. Doing all your weekday runs on a treadmill kind of sucks but it is possible. I've done it! Austin seems like a nice place to run though. I hope your knee gets better soon!