Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Introducing . . . Gertie

Everyone . . . meet my first running skirt, Gertie. Not sure why I decided to name her, but it totally just came to me, so roll with it and pretend like it's normal. And no, that's not a "going out" top--it is indeed a running tank (made by Prana, who has some super cute stuff). If only I could run in Gertie and try her out . . . oh well, I'll be sure to write up a review when that day finally comes :)


EmLit said...

Ooooh! I think I have that skirt (my second one of all time)! and I LOVE IT.

I am looking forward to the review because not only does it mean you ran in a skirt, but it also means that you got to run, period.

Rachel said...

Yay! I know you will love it! I absolutely love running in my skirt and wish winter weren't coming so fast!

Laura said...

That skirt is REALLY cute! I've had good luck with the Nike ones in terms of fit and comfort.

Dori said...

I love running in skirts, although I felt a little self-conscious the first time I wore one on a run. I own five so far and have run marathons and other races in them. I wear them to the coffee shop after a run now.

Saw your listing in the Running Blog Family and just stopped in to say hi.

Alissa said...

I meant to comment on this when you first posted... I LOVE it. Very cute. Does it have shorts under? My skirtsports one has shorts, which I have loved - up until I ran my 18 miler in it this weekend. For the first time I had some painful chafing right at the seems in the um, crotch area. I'm wondering if I should give up doing long runs in it, or give it another shot with some body glide.

Anyways - love the name.