Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Public Service Announcement

Okay, I just discovered this myself and I HAD to share . . . does anyone out there use the Vanilla-flavored Endurox Accel Gels? If so, you might want to go here and stock up! That's right, folks. A 24-pack of gels for a mere $9.99 (normally the stuff costs at least $30 a case, depending on where you get it). Now that's what I call a deal (assuming it hasn't been secretly recalled or something--hmm). And to Roadrunner Sports and Endurox, if either of you would like to sponsor me and/or give me discounts on your goods, I'd be more than willing to keep talking . . . know what I mean? ;)

P.S. I may or may not have just bought my first running skirt! Talk about commitophobia, it took me nearly two hours to hit "submit"!


Lisa said...

Wow! That is a good deal. I am pretty sure I have tried that brand but can't remember if I liked it. Is it a lot like other vanilla flavors? Is it super sweet?? My favorite is plain Gu. But for 10 bucks, it is worth switching.

thanks for the tip.

Steve Stenzel said...

Holy sweet steal! I love vanilla gels!!!

Laura said...

That's an amazing price, but the shipping is so expensive! I know $20 for a case of gels is still a good deal, but I hate having to pay shipping that's as much as the item.

Rachel said...

Yay for running skirts!

Alissa said...

thanks for the tip! SO what brand running skirt did you buy?? Once you get over being self-conscious you are going to love it!

Irish Cream said...

Lisa: I have to admit it is on the sweet side--pretty comparable to other brands' vanilla flavored gels, though.

Steve: Thanks for the comment! I am a HUGE vanilla gel fan as well!

Laura: Oh wow. Is $8.95 a lot for shipping? I guess it probably is if you only get one case. Ha, but that's just incentive to get more! If you get 3, it's only like $3 per case ;)

Rachel & Alissa: Thanks for the encouragement to buy the skirt! I'm so excited about it! I went with the Nike "Personal Best" skirt in black. It seemed to have a bunch of good reviews, so I'm hoping it will be a nice introduction to the running skirt :)