Thursday, August 28, 2008

Finally . . . Some Good News!

Well, folks. It finally happened! I got some good news today!! :) Dr. Schneider called as I was leaving my physical therapist's office, and let me know that the report came back from my MRI. The verdict? It appears that just my MCL is affected--nothing else seems to be wrong! HOORAY! Now, she did warn me that she hasn't actually seen the MRI herself; that's just coming from the report she received. But I'm going to go ahead and celebrate anyway! I mean, these people know what they're doing, right? Anyway, she said she should receive the film in a few days and will confirm then that everything looks good. I am so happy I could cry (and nearly did when I received the news from her--it totally cracked her up how excited I was)!

So why did I have to go through all of the stress and trouble of getting an MRI? Well . . . um, it's my own fault. You see, the reason I was still having so much trouble with my knee was that it was uber stiff. Why? Because I waited three weeks to start my physical therapy. Yep, THAT'S why. In my defense, I HAVE been quite busy. But yeah, now that I've been going for a couple weeks, I can really see the difference, and am FINALLY confident that my knee is getting better. That's not to say it doesn't hurt or that I'm even remotely close to running again . . . but hey, I'll take anything I can get at this point, you know?

Perhaps, my mama was right . . . hehehe.


Meg said...

Great news! That's awesome!

Laura said...

Really glad to hear you're doing better! And thank you so much for the doctor recommendation - I ended up going with someone else in order to get an earlier appointment, but will keep Dr. Schneider in mind for the future (though hopefully I won't need a knee doctor again!)

Rachel said...

Woohoo awesome!!!!

The Laminator said...

Good news for a nice long weekend. Very happy for you. Continue to heal well!

Steve Stenzel said...

Glad you got some good news! Take it easy on that knee! Good luck!!