Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Okay, so the soccer game didn't go so well . . . in fact, it didn't go well AT ALL. My team is generally pretty mediocre as a result of the fact that we have four decent players on the team who are able to make up for the complete lack of ability/fitness/competitiveness of the rest of the team. Last night, however, one of our good players was out of town on vacation. UGH. We obviously lost. I am just really starting to get frustrated with these leagues. I mean, I know they are supposed to be fun, but I CAN'T HELP but take them seriously! I'm a competitive person and my team is abismal! While I know this doesn't reflect back on my own abilities as a soccer player, I have a nasty habit of trying WAY too hard and attempting to make up for the incompetencies on the part of my teammates.

Well, last night that behavior resulted in an injury . . . a very painful and annoying injury. At some point near the end of the game, the ball was loose in the other team's goal area. I, of course, went full speed towards the ball, hoping I could get there first and knock it into the goal. Unfortunately, I got to the ball just as three other players did. One of their heads hit me in the face, another's hit me hard in the left ear, and the impact of all three hitting me at once sent me flying to the turf where my head smashed into the ground. OUCH. I, of course, still have a bit of a headache today, but the worst part of it is my ear! It's all swollen and red, and I am CONVINCED I am going to get cauliflower ear, like wrestlers get!! EW! Here is the aftermath of my little collision last night (i.e. me sitting on the couch all night, icing my ear):

Oh well . . . at least I scored a goal. Almost had a second off of a direct kick, but the keeper made a REALLY nice save on it--so I settled for one goal. But today's Wednesday, which mean . . . MORE SOCCER! !nother day, another soccer game. Let's hope I don't suffer additional head injuries tonight!!


Meg said...

You are so hardcore!

Laura said...

Is cauliflower ear permanent? Or if you just hit your head once is it temporary? I know boxers get it forever but I assumed that as long as you weren't continually getting hit in the head you'd be fine.

The Laminator said...

Oh Irish! Sorry to hear about your injury. Seriously, you need to recruit more good people to play on your team so you don't have to go all out all the time!

Alex Gonzalez said...

Growing vegetables, like cauliflower ears, broccoli brows, and lima beaned lips is completely unnecessary. I for one have a tough time eating vegetables, let alone growing any and the fact that you have to work this hard to keep your team in a game tells me that you probably need to start yelling at your teammates to get their butts and their brains involved!
I hope you are feeling better, but I think you are going to be kicking some major booty at the next contest!