Thursday, July 3, 2008

More Soccer . . . and Speed Training!

Well, I arrived at Chelsea Piers 90 seconds into our game yesterday, thanks to having to pick up a prescription at the SLOWEST pharmacy on the face of the planet (the woman in front of me and the pharmacy cashier dude had a ten minute conversation about the effectiveness of the hair dye she was purchasing along with about 6 million bars of soap--priceless) . . . and by the time I arrived at the field, we were already down 2-0. Ha. NOT a good sign. We lost by at least 10 goals--although we can't be sure, because the league stops counting after a team is up by 10 (they do keep track of how many goals are scored in case the other team starts to come back--but they keep the difference at 10, I guess to make it less humiliating for teams like mine).

The good news is that the team we played was really nice and were really good sports . . . unlike the team we played last week, whose goal it was to injur and/or start a fight with every player on our team. Oh, and I scored two goals, which I guess is exciting . . . but when you lose that badly, they kind of start to lose their effect. I'm pretty sure that every game in this Wednesday league is going to end up having pretty much the same outcome. The league is full of college-aged girls who are coming home for the summer and playing with their old club teams . . . so yeah. Pretty sure us old folks aren't going to be able to compete with that!

Tonight, I've got speed training on the schedule--love, love, love the speed training! I'll do 5 miles total including warm-up, 2x 1600 with 800 jogs in between and cool-down. I thought briefly about also getting up this morning and making up the 5-mile easy run I missed yesterday, but then I decided it might be a bit much--after all, I did play 3 soccer games this week! It's not like I missed the run and was laying around on the couch instead!

In other news, I am suffering some kind of shin ailment on my right leg. Not sure what the problem is there--probably just a little bit of overuse. But yeah, I'm back to icing the crap out of my leg and praying that it goes away. Ugh. Why do I do this again?


Rachel said...

Yikes...I'd be dying trying to figure out soccer games and runs at the same time. Kudos to you for getting it done. Oh and btw- you've been tagged on my blog :-)

Alex Gonzalez said...

Shin splints are painful and they tend to hang around like clingy family members that you wished would just leave you be.

I ran the Brooklyn Half with a stress fracture in 2005. I thought it was just shin splints.
My advice, take a day or two off from running (tough, I know) and then you may want to ease back in to your running, by supplementing your aerobic workouts with other non-impact exercises (ie. Elliptical, Swimming, Nintendo Wii...just kidding 'bout the Wii)
Feel better, as this too shall heal!!!