Friday, January 21, 2011

The state of my running (or lack thereof)

So, first of all, a quick but heart-felt THANK YOU to the handful of you still out there in blogland! I'm honestly blown away that anyone even bothered to finish that long and tedious post! But seriously, thank you. Y'all are the best.

Now, onto the state of my running. Well, let's just say that I haven't been lacing up the running shoes as often as I ought to be, considering this is the only season in Central Texas where you can run without sweating buckets! Sadly, the motivation to run just hasn't been there. I'd be willing to bet this lack of motivation stems from the fact that I have approximately ZERO races penciled in at this point. Don't get me wrong, I still LOVE and dearly miss racing . . . it's just that Wilson and I really can't justify paying (ever-climbing) race fees at the moment, considering our financial situation. We still make it out to run every once in a while, but not nearly often enough.

So, I am wondering . . . does anyone else find it all but impossible to get motivated without races
on the horizon? If so, what do you do to snap yourself out of it? I'd love to hear any strategies you might have to offer . . .


Paige said...

While it's sort of difficult at first, you just have to get yourself out there for a couple easy runs simply to remind yourself how good it feels to do it (assuming you still enjoy the act of running). Make sure they are very mindful runs and take it all in. After my season "ends", I usually take a couple weeks off for some relaxed running or even no running at all(!), and eventually get my butt back out there with absolutely zero plans/goals for anything once I feel sufficiently rested. It just takes a little extra push to get out there initially, but it quickly becomes habit once again :)

Maybe use it as an excuse to go explore a new trail system or park (you're in a brand new place with tons to explore!), or use it as a way to learn about a new neighborhood.

Geof and I visited his alma mater over the summer, and we decided the best way to give me a "tour" of the town was to go for a long that's what we did! It was awesomely fun to see all the sights, all his old stomping grounds, the campus, the parks, all while running. I highly recommend this strategy :) If you need to run some errands...actually RUN them, rather than driving :)

Volunteer to pace a friend at one of their races. That way you get the race experience, the fun of helping out a friend, and all without having to fork over a ton o' cash. Just don't eat or drink any race food if you didn't pay for it, RD's frown upon that, lol :)

Look up the area running store and see when they have weekly fun runs. Here are two VERY good stores in your area:
That is a GREAT way to meet other local runners, and to get motivated out the it's free!

Ooo, volunteering at races always gets me amped up to run. Just being surrounded by tons of people running can be enough to light the running fire again!

Hope some of that helps!

Lindsay said...

oh i second paige's suggestion -- running as a means of transportation (or to 'sightsee') is kind of fun because it's different. then it's not just your workout.

actually she had a lot of great suggestions - i also liked running w/ local groups/running stores.

i would even look the other way if you guys bandited a race. just please don't steal the water/food. that's my main peeve ;) well, you can take some fruit.

Laura said...

Check out Che's blog at She lives in Austin and can give you some good ideas for races, places, and motivation!

Unknown said...

I understand your dilemma. Races give me the incentive I need to train (more than I otherwise would) so it's great to have at least something to shoot for.

Do you local RD's offer a 'volunteer to help out in return for a free race entry'? Many here do and it's a great way to save $$ and cheer on others at the same time.

I've also found local running clubs often have club events at very low cost which can be great fun.

In the absence of that, I agree with Paige, use the time to go and explore a little. Never know what you might find.

Paul :-)