Monday, January 4, 2010

Irish 2.0

It's official . . . I've entered the 21st century, folks. New decade, new Irish! :) But don't worry, I'm still just as nerdy as in 2009!


rUntoNamAste said...

Ouchers, I hope your heel heals :) Good luck at Goofy and bring home more bling!!!

Staci Dombroski said...

For some reason my blog does not have the video upload on it anymore. I need to look into that! Good luck with the Goofy challenge :-)

Morgan said...

Ok I can't make the video work here at work but I applaud you! You are getting all techy on us! LOL! I will def have to check this out when I get home!

Are you so excited for Goofy?!?!? OMG I can't wait! I will be around the mile 23ish of the marathon Sunday cheering my brains out and I promise you'll be able to spot me! :) Oh and Spike will be there so let's try to meet up after so you and Wilson can meet him too!

Good luck this weekend!

Lisa said...

Yup... a little nerdy, but I loved it!

I am so excited to hear all about Goofy. I wish our Disney would do something like sounds like so much fun! well... as much fun as 39.3 miles can me. LOL.

Have a great taper week.

lindsay said...

lol. your extended stay hotel room is wayy spacier than my hotel life. hello full kitchen!

good luck at goofy! it's sooo fun. live it up! hope your heel does ok and that goofy goes well :)

i love your attitude towards your collarbone. haha. hope it doesnt hurt?

Anonymous said...

Ha! Hey there, Irish!! Wow, it's weird to actually "hear" a may have to visit us via video more often ;)

GOOD LUCK at Goofy!!!! Nurse those injuries; you'll come out strong!

The Laminator said...

Yay! I'm digging Irish 2.0!
First, I want to wish you good luck at Goofy. Knowing you, I know you'll be awesome. Second, I had the same sort of collarbone protrusion when I broke my collarbone last year too! It bothers me sometimes on a run, but then you get used to it and it goes away! Hope you have a great race! You must be getting excited! Have fun! I'm so doing this next year or the year after!

Anonymous said...


X-Country2 said...

Good luck!!!

Running and living said...

First, hope you understand what Raymond Losey had to say. Second, are you laughing all the time??? Just loved your cheerfulness!

Paul said...

Fantastic post Irish. It is great to actually "hear and see" a bloggy-friend you've only "read" before, nice touch.

I am sooooo jealous about your Goofy event(s) this weekend. I checked out the race web site. It just looks magical. I am afraid to show my daughter cause I know she'd just badger me like crazy to go there too.

Thanks, you have added another race to my list of events I'd like to do.

All the best for this weekend, look forward to a report.

Cheers, Paul :-)

Fair Weather Runner said...

OMG. so i am SOOOO behind on blogs. but i just watched this and all i know is i want to live in the same town as you and be your bestie. you had me in tears with that whole video.... just spectacular.