Thursday, October 8, 2009

Quick Post

Hi all! Just a quick post to let you know that I'm still kickin' down here in Orlando. I haven't strangled myself with a barbell . . . or been knocked out by a beer-throwing drunk or anything like that! Things have just been a little bit crazy this week, what with having to take my first exam on Friday.* Oh wait, and then there's also the fact that I've spent nearly every other waking hour (and some sleeping) obsessing over the cold/flu bug I seem to be coming down with (it's been going around my school). Cold-eeze, Emergen-C, Green Tea and water have been my drugs of choice, and thus far, I'm doing decently in my efforts to fight the disease off. Hopefully I can just hang on until Sunday!

Anyway, I apologize for not commenting on all of your lovely blogs over the past several days--due to my procrastinating ways,** I have had to force myself to stay out of Google Reader. There's simply not enough time to do that AND get my study on in the ways necessary to ace this test! Thus, I promise I will catch up with you all either this weekend (if I end up bringing my lappy to the Chi) . . . or at a minimum, early next week.

In other news, my friend A has decided she DOES want to run with Wilson and I on Sunday. I'm really excited about (hopefully) helping her to her first marathon finish! The only problem is that she's a bit of a head case right now. The longest run she got in was an 18-miler--which I tried to tell her was actually very sufficient--but she's all but convinced that she's not going to finish the race. I'm really hoping that she'll change her mind about that . . . I've been encouraging her to think positively, and filling her head with all kinds of positive things However, nothing I've said thus far has seemed to have done the trick. Any advice? I'm actually thinking that maybe I should take a page out of my own book and start minimizing the pressure she's putting on herself. Maybe a "Hey, just go out there and do your best. That's really all you can ask of yourself. And if you don't make it, no worries. There WILL be other marathons when you will have more time to train. And you'll do it then!" would do the trick? At any rate, if any of y'all have ever dealt with a similar situation and found something that seemed to help, do let me know! I want that girl to cross the finish line with me on Sunday!

Okay, I guess that's all I've got for now. I'm heading to the airport immediately after class tomorrow . . . and then it's off to Chicago I'll go! If any of y'all want to track my progress on Sunday, my bib # is 29716. I can't seem to come up with any reason why that would be lucky, but then again, maybe I'll just have to MAKE it lucky by getting out there and finishing yet another marathon!

Good luck to the rest of you racing this weekend--I know it's a lot of you (many of whom will be joining me in the Windy City!). As I always say, "Run like you mean it!" I think I'll do just that!

*I was supposed to take it the exam Monday, but I won't be getting back from Chicago until Monday night--that is, assuming a blizzard doesn't strand me there--thus, I have to take the test before I go; which is okay by me. I'd rather just get it over with and be able to enjoy my time in the Chi.

**I even went so far as to make a HUGE pot of veggie chili last night. Rock bottom, I'm telling you. Studying the human joint actions isn't all it's cracked up to be, folks!


Marlene said...

Good luck on the exam and the race!!

rUntoNamAste said...

Safe travels, good luck and finish strong :))

Rachel said...

Yay!! You are going to rock that race! Good luck with the exam and have fun this weekend!!

trials of training said...

Ugh, I need to crack down on my studying as well. this registrataion exam is intimidating!! Thus, very soon I'll be taking your advice on the "no google reader!" for at least a few days. daaaangit.

GOOD LUCK THIS WEEKEND!! Can't wait to read about it!

Morgan said...

Good luck this weekend girl! We are going to kill it! FIRE UP!!!!

If we don't get a chance to meet up over the weekend then for sure we gotta meet up for a run while you're in town!!!

Running and living said...

good luck with the exam, and the marathon. your friend will do fine, just distract her during the race:)

Marathonman101108 said...

Good luck on your exam and with the marathon. Looking forward to your marathon report.

Spike said...

good luck! let's go rock Chicago!!!

X-Country2 said...

Good luck with Saturday. I'm so excited to read all these race reports.

Fair Weather Runner said...

bib number noted! YAYAY! i will be at mile 10.5 volunteering. and here is a little question for you. how would you feel about heading to goose island brewery for a tour and dinner sunday evening after the marathon? because we are sure doing that.

shoot me an email if you want to try and meet up (understand if you can't, so freaking nuts these marathons are) and i'll send you my phone number.!

and good luck sunday, you are going to do wonderfully! i just KNOW it.