Thursday, June 5, 2008

Gearing Up for Vacay!

Okay, so despite the fact that I have tons and tons of work to accomplish before I can officially consider myself "on vacation" tomorrow evening, all I can think about is my quickly approaching trip to St. John, U.S.V.I.! As I always forget something important, I figured I'd write up my list here, and you (organized) people can yell at me for forgetting to pack underwear! But first, here is a link for the beautiful villa we are renting, so you can all get really jealous! :) (sorry, that was just mean and horrible!)

Oooh, so excited! Anyway, here goes the list:


Dressy Outfit (just in case!)
Sun-dresses (I just got a couple new ones and I'm VERY excited to wear them--I may or may not have inappropriately worn one to work today. I got lots of compliments, though--so it couldn't have been THAT inappropriate--right?)
Lightweight jacket/sweater
Long pants (again, just in case)
Jewelry/Scarves/Accessories (obviously necessary!)
Sports Bras (woohoo, running!)
Running Shorts
Running Tanks
Running Socks
Running Shoes
Hiking/Trail-Running Shoes (these are new--I'm very excited!)
Sun Hat/Baseball Cap
Beach Cover-up


Body Wash
Face Wash
Shaving Gel
Dental Floss
Body Lotion
Hair Gel
Hair Brush
Nail Clippers


Prescription Meds/Over the Counter Meds
Medical Insurance Card
List of Important Phone Numbers
Phone Card
Aloe Vera Gel
Bug Spray
Mini First-Aid Kit (All the essentials--band-aids, first aid cream, cotton swabs, tape, gauze, etc.)
Matches/Lighter (what if the power goes out and there's nothing to light candles with?)


Camera/Camera Battery Charger
Dunkin Donuts Vanilla Spice Coffee (yes, I am actually brining my own favorite coffee to brew in St. John. And yes, it is necessary--I'm pretty sure there are no DD's in St. John!)
Beach Bag
Beach Blanket
i-Home Alarm Clock/iPod Dock (okay, fine . . . this one is really not necessary, but it's on the list nonetheless!)
Travel Journal (how much does this scream, "NERD"?!)
Books/Fashion Mags/Runners World (Yippy! More running stuff!)
Guide Book

Okay, there you have it, folks! What am I forgetting? Our villa will have most of the beach-y things we might need (beach towels, beach cooler, snorkel gear, etc.) . . . as well as all of the home-y things we'll need. But I'm positive I'm forgetting something important! Any thoughts?

Also, as far as running goes . . . I've been told there is literally nowhere to run on the island. Obviously, as I am packing running gear, I do not believe such malarkey! How could there possibly be "nowhere to run?" I'm sure I'll find a place (even if it's just running back and forth in our 12 foot dip pool!) And if I don't find one (how is that even possible?), Wilson and I plan on doing quite a bit of hiking . . . so I won't be COMPLETELY immobile!

I'll check in at least once more before we leave (on Sunday! YAY!) . . . as I'm planning to attempt a long run of some sort in the 95-degree weather we're supposed to have on Saturday. I'm sure I'll have loads of wonderful things to say about that one! Until then . . . be good, kids! :)


Tom@RunnersLounge said...

Hey, what are you going to read? Did I miss your book list?

Just wanted to re-state how much I enjoyed the post you republished for TIART. It is a gem, and makes me wish I'd written some of those same brilliant insights--can you tell I'm a frustrated writer as well as runner?

Are you a Notre Dame grad or fan? I see you've listed ND as a link and I never put the Irish part of your blog name and ND together.

I'm a huge ND fan. Wish I could say I'm an alum but not.

Enjoy your vacation to the max!


chris said...

Can't say that I am not just a bit jealous. Enjoy your time off. You certainly deserve it.

The Laminator said...

Forget a bit...I'm TOTALLY jealous. Take some cool pictures and bring them back as souvenirs for us. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the island! St. John is gorgeous and brimming with enough life to enough to do endless, short road loops and be endlessly entertained by tropical critters. Glad I found your blog.


Anonymous said...

ack! i meant

Lisa said...

Hi! I happened upon your blog through Alissa's (Balancing Act). I couldn't help but drool over your vacation. My hubby and I were married on St. John on Hawks Nest Beach. Ah... what a place. I wasn't a runner then, but most of the roads I remember are rolling hill highways. You might be able to do a loop around the tiny little town (I'm not sure how far it is from Coral Bay). Remember, it will be VERY humid, so take it easy.

Have FUN!!