Thursday, November 12, 2009

Some things . . .

Wow, so much to talk about! I guess that's what happens when you let a week and a half go by without posting, eh?

First let's start with some bad news I received about a week ago. I always like to get that stuff out of the way first so that I can move onto happier things :) Sooooooo . . . my pops was diagnosed with prostate cancer last Friday. Bummer, right? Who wants to actually be forced to think/talk/etc. about their father's prostate? Yikes--no thanks! But in all seriousness, if he has to have cancer, prostate cancer isn't the worst thing ever. It still sucks obviously, but there are far worse cancers out there. At this point in time, we're waiting on results of a bone scan to see whether the cancer has spread to his bones at all. Luckily, my father is a pretty fit, healthy dude (he's a runner too) . . . so we're pretty optimistic that no matter what the prognosis, he'll be just fine. Still, we could definitely use all the prayers, happy thoughts, finger-crossing, etc. you can spare!

Okay, now moving on to happier items: I am in love with school. I mean, seriously in love. Like, I would probably consider cheating on Wilson if school was a person. Luckily, school is not a person. But I digress . . . it is honestly going just INCREDIBLY. I feel like I have learned such a crazy amount of stuff in such a short time (only 7 weeks so far!). That's the reason I haven't been posting much about what I'm learning . . . it's kind of just like, "Where the hell do I even start?!" The one thing I WILL say is that resistance training can SERIOUSLY improve your running--and yes, it is important to do some resistance training for those legs of yours, homies. Trust me on this one--you WILL see improvements in your running if you train your legs. And we're not talking crappy leg press, leg curl, leg extension machines here . . . we're talking body-weight squats, lunges, step-ups, box jumps, hip extensions, calf-raises, etc. And guess what's awesome about all of that stuff I just mentioned? YOU DON'T EVEN NEED A GYM TO DO IT! Sorry, y'all . . . no excuses. Anyway, I'll talk about this stuff more at some point, but if you don't do these exercises now, think about adding some in.

My new favorite thing at school is the "make-up sessions" we can attend on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Basically, we can only have 2 unexcused absences during the program if we want to graduate--and if you happen to have more than 2, you are forced to attend evening "make-up sessions" to cancel out the extra absences. I went to the first of these sessions not really sure what to expect. I'd only missed 2 days (one from my Chicago trip and one because I was sick) . . . but I figured it would be smart to earn my free days back just in case I happen to need them later on. For the first part of the session, our instructor had us clean the gym. BO-RING (and also, EW). But then, he put us through some crazy-difficult circuit training. It was HARD. Two dudes puked--not even kidding--because the point of these sessions is to be so difficult that they prevent people from missing too many classes. But, I am such a crazy masochist that I have decided to just go to all of these sessions I can make (which, lets be honest, is all of them--I have no life!) because I REALLY love having my butt kicked. I figure I might as well get my money's worth and do everything I can at school, no?

The only issue with this is trying to figure out when to fit my training runs in. Ha. Between the daily workouts we do--which are pretty hard core (all kinds of super-setting, compound-setting, etc.)--and then these extra sessions, it's hard to figure out when to run. But I think I finally figured out my schedule. It will involve "two-a-days" 5 days a week . . . so hopefully it won't kill me. But if it becomes too difficult, I can always drop the extra sessions at school (or at least one a week):

-Resistance train upper body/interval training (at school)
-Evening run of 4-8 miles

-Resistance train lower body/core/interval training (at school)
-Circuit training (evening session at school)

-Resistance train upper body/interval training (at school)
-Evening run of 4-8 miles

-Resistance train lower body/core/interval training (at school)
-Circuit training (evening session at school)

-1st of back-to-back long runs in the a.m. (7-10 miles)
-Resistance train upper body/interval training (at school)

-Long run (12-20 miles); core (optional)


So um, yeah. Ha, I guess that's a lot. But I'm feeling stronger than ever . . . and my body composition has already changed SIGNIFICANTLY. As in, none of my effing clothes fit me anymore. I know I shouldn't complain about this, but I AM kind of bummed that I'm going to have to basically buy an entire new wardrobe when this whole thing is over! Talk about unexpected expenses . . .

In other happy news, I got to visit my older sister and adorable niece again last weekend. My sis had some girlfriends in town for a "girls' weekend" . . . and I was the designated babysitter/kiddo distracter since my bro-in-law was out of the country on business. First things first, the drive was FAR more successful this time . . . I didn't even run off the road once! Go me! Second of all, Iris and I had A BLAST together coloring, riding bikes, looking at stingrays in the river and doing all kinds of puzzles. The only time we seemed to butt heads a little was when she tried to convince me that Halloween candy and cookies would make a "good lunch." No, no, little one. Sorry, but your Aunt Bailey is learning all about nutrition at school, and she is not going to be fooled into believing that! We settled on grilled cheese, yogurt and a banana. Overall, though, she was VERY well-behaved. I was impressed. Still, I was definitely exhausted come the end of the weekend. Here are a few photos of Iris and I hanging out together that one of Mallory's girlfriends took:

Oh my gosh, and I just remembered that I have even MORE happy stuff to talk about. Guess who I get to meet this weekend? ONLY YOUR FAVORITE REDHEAD EVER!! Aren't you jealous? We had planned to do a long run together on Saturday, but it turns out she has a 10K to rock on Sunday. Most people would simply cancel and try again another week . . . BUT NO! She is officially the coolest person EVER and she offered to ride her bike beside me while I run! How incredible is that?! I'm so excited to finally meet her!

Okay, well I THINK that's all for now. I'll probably think of something else right affter I hit "publish" . . . but I guess I'll have to save whatever it is for the next post ;)

Hope you all are having wonderful weeks . . . we're ALMOST to the weekend! Hang in there ;)


Running and living said...

I have been doing plyometrics and core/leg strength workouts at home for about 1 months now and I feel already stronger. My muscle tone usually becomes fluff post marathon when I decrease mileage, but not this time. Plus, my running form improved, My back is straighter, my knees go up high, my stride is more powerful. This stuff really works! You sounds very happy! So glad that we now have a fitness expert blogger!

Morgan said...

First off, I'm so sorry to hear about your dad. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Now on to...

LMAO at cheating on Wilson with school!

So um... will they let you bring a guest to these classes?!?! LOL! I want my butt kicked too!!!

You neice is such a cutie!

CAN NOT WAIT TO MEET YOU TOMORROW! We're going to have fun. Any requests from your bike companion? Should I bring a cowbell to simulate Chicago to inspire you?

Marlene said...

Sorry about your Pops. :( Wishing him a strong fight and full recovery!

GIRL, you have a lot on your plate. I am in AWE of all of that exercise. Awesome that you are feeling so good.

So cool that you and the redhead got to meet up. Hope to meet both of you in January!!

rUntoNamAste said...

You and your family are definitely in my thoughts and prayers. I remember how devastated I was when my dad was diagnosed last year. His PC was advanced but he undergoes less invasive monthly treatments and is now in remission so there is hope! And he's a runner to boot? That cancer has no idea what its up against!

Big hugs :)

Anonymous said...

SO Sorry to hear about your Dad - but it sounds like he's starting strong, and he has the right support to stay that way! Definitely sending thoughts/prayers to the Irish Cream Fam! :) xo

You should do a video/picture post of some of these workout suggestions!! I don't do resistance So, that would be helpful! Sounds like you're kickin-A and takin' names over there! Whooop!

Have fun with Morgan tomorrow!

aron said...

i am sorry about your dad - that stuff is always scary! hopefully it gets taken care of quickly and he will be back to normal soon!!

SO glad you are so happy with what you are doing now :) that is definitely a great thing!

Paul said...

I love the third pic of you and your niece Iris. It's a great 'stolen moment' of two girls just hanging out. She will remember that you did this kind of thing with her forever.

My girls adore their aunt(s). And don't worry about the nutrition thing. I think it is important for kids to have at least one family relative who lets them do stuff their parents won't. It makes the relationship between them just that little bit extra special!

Look forward to the next instalment from Coach Irish.

Paul :-)

X-Country2 said...

I'm sorry to hear about your dad. Sounds like he's surrounded by lots of love. That'll help.

Happy you're loving school so much. It was such a great decision for you.

Spike said...

my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, I hope your father gets better soon.

also, school rocks when you love what you are learning, so yeah for that.

finally, hope you had fun with the Redhead.

lindsay said...

sorry to hear about your dad! thoughts and prayers to you and your family - hopefully he heals quickly!

that's awesome about school going so well! i am glad you are enjoying it. what a difference from the crazy law firm a few months ago!!

The Laminator said...

Okay...I'm glad I went back and caught up with stuff...

First of all, sorry about your pops...hope the scan comes out clean and it's more just a nuisance than anything.

Second of all, wow, you are so hardcore with school and training. Some guy puked? That's craziness! I feel like I need one of those sessions to teach me how to successfully run the last 10K of a marathon...

Thirdly...your little neice is adorable and I'm happy and jealous you are such a positive influence on her.

In conclusion, you're awesome! Congrats on all you do for yourself and those around you.

DelDean said...

cool photo of you & neice on back steps. With the sunlight on the lawn & speckled on you both. She even has bare feet - can't get more relaxed hangin' out on the steps like that. You two look like best friends.

sRod said...

So incredibly happy that you're doing so well. When are you coming back to New York??