Friday, April 4, 2008

Long time no run . . .

I really wish I could say that everything's back on track, and I'm back to my happy running self . . . but sadly, I am still just not in any condition to be running. I tend to go into coughing fits every 90 seconds or so when I'm just sitting still. I'd hate to see what that would translate into when RUNNING. The last time I actually felt well enough to run (or even to cross-train, for that matter) was Sunday, when I ran my fabulous 7-miler--I'm dying here, people!

As if not being able to run isn't torture enough, I've been having these really vivid dreams about running as of late. In my dreams, I am about to start a race . . . and shortly beforehand, I realize that I am not at all prepared--either I've forgotten some important gear, or overslept, or gotten lost on my way to the race--and I totally panic. I make it to the race, but then, of course, I end up bonking big time because I've totally lost it, mentally. Now, I know these dreams are just my mind's crazy little way of freaking out over the fact that I've missed almost a full week of training (I've never done that before, believe it or not), but still. Torture.

On a related note, this monster illness totally BLOWS. I woke up this morning to discover that I have managed to contract what is likely a double ear infection. WTF? What next?! I then got into the shower, only to realize that I was pretty sure I was either going to pass out or puke (possibly both). I managed to make it out of the shower and into my bathrobe without losing consciousness, but then I was forced to sit my ass down for a good 5 minutes to "recover" from my oh-so-exhausting shower (KILL ME). I debated calling out sick for a THIRD day in a row (I think that would've been a record for me) . . . but decided I was sick of being confined to the apartment (too much daytime tv makes me want to throw things out the window). Plus, co-worker was going to be out today for a SCUBA crash course, so I really needed to go in to cover her cases for her. I managed to get myself ready and out the door (taking just 3 more "rest breaks" in the process), and then it was time to battle my arch nemesis . . . the rush hour Q train.

Okay, now seriously, the Q is not bad at all compared to most subway lines at rush hour . . . but the prospect of having to stand for 45 minutes was a little more than my sick little weakling body could handle. As the train pulled up, I realized THERE WAS AN EMPTY SEAT! Now, generally, I let the neighborhood ghetto b*tches push ahead to get to the open seats, but not today! I pushed onto that train the second the doors opened. I walked straight up to the seat, and was about to plant my ass on it when the woman sitting in the next seat over . . . GRABBED MY ASS! Yes, that's right folks, she grabbed my ass. I stopped, turned around and glared at her, and she pointed down at the seat. I kid you not, there were two microscopic drops of water on the seat; the tiniest leakage of rain water you've ever seen. "I don't care," I grumpily said to the large-ish woman (who probably just wanted more room for her big butt), and planted my ass right down next to her. I then proceeded to pass out for the next 45 minutes until I got to work.

Luckily, it's been a relatively slow day around here. It was full of the typical annoyances, but nothing extraordinary. There was actually a big firm "social event" at the MOMA last night . . . and it's obvious that most people drank a little bit too much. This means nobody felt like doing any work today, which is definitely a good thing for me, aka girl with the death plague monster illness.

So there you have it . . . my first day back on the job. On that note, I am OUTTA HERE! Have a great weekend, everyone! Think of me, and my sad little shrunken lungs, when you are not so much feeling your long runs ;)